zaterdag, december 15, 2007

thanks for enjoing this site

fellow fans. Loved youre contribution on the posting i did. At this moment i wont put anything up for download because of my work and family. Same goes of my other site. I hope to see you all in 2008 and want to give you the best wishes to you and your family.

see ya

donderdag, augustus 30, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 16. A time to remember

Volume 16 looks at the final decade that this series will look at as far as studio work goes. This cd features some great productions by Jan & Dean where Dean was involved as well in some of Jan's work. Track List: Be True To Your School (45 version), Be True To Your Bud (A-side), Be True To Your Bud (B-side), Ocean Park Angel (Goldstar acetate), Ocean Park Angel (45 version), Ocean Park Angel (bootleg 7" version), Ocean Park Angel (unreleased 45 version), B-Side of Ocean Park Angel 45, Blue Moon, The Best Love Ever (studio mixdown), It's Gotta Be True (studio mixdown), Hawaiian Mirage (studio mixdown), Just One Of Those Days (studio mixdown), Rock City (studio mixdown), On The Beach (45 version), Summer (45 version), Oh What A Beautiful Day (45 version), Nich Ee Nich Ee Nee (B-side).

dinsdag, augustus 14, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 15

Volume 15 takes us into the 80's where Dean teams up with Mike Love from The Beach Boys on several projects. This cd features two projects from this era, one is the famous Mike and Dean "Rock-n-Roll Again" Radio Shack LP, and the second is the unreleased "Dead Man's Curve LP". Track list: New Girl In School, Jenny Lee, Surfin' Safari, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Surf City, Shut Down, Summer Rain, Dead Man's Curve, Baby Talk, Little Deuce Coupe, Drag City, Fun Fun Fun, Sidewalk Surfin', Be True To Your School, Lightning Strikes, Walk Away Renee, The Letter, The Locomotion, Sealed With A Kiss, Sugar Shack, 96 Tears, Baby Talk, Wild Thing, Da Doo Ron Ron, Her Boyfriend's Back.

maandag, augustus 13, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 14

The movie "Deadmans Curve" had just aired on CBS, and Jan & Dean were receiving offers from all over for appearances. New York City would be the witness of the first ever appearance of Jan & Dean in 12 years on stage. Murray The K's reunion show had several acts, but none topped J&D that night. The cd brings you both shows of J&D's act, with The Aloha Band and a orchestra. The second part of this cd features (3) stage appearances with The Beach Boys in 1978. Track list: Murray/J&D preview interview, Murray The K 1st show: Surf City, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Dead Man's Curve, Barbara Ann, Murray The K 2nd show: Surf City, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Dead Man's Curve, I get Around, Barbara Ann, Postshow interview, Beach Boys/J&D concert from Michigan, Beach Boys/J&D concert from Pittsburgh, Beach Boys/J&D concert from Florida.

dinsdag, juli 17, 2007

the Hondells 36 tracks


The Hondells were an American surf rock band formed in 1964, that was actually the product of record producer Gary Usher.
Their first and only hit, "Little Honda", was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love of The Beach Boys and given to Usher early in 1964. Usher called in a group of studio musicians – including Glen Campbell and Hal Blaine – and hastily recorded the song that summer. It leaked to local radio and spread like wildfire across U.S. pop radio.
As the song climbed the charts, Usher assembled a band which toured with The Beach Boys in support of "Little Honda", which eventually peaked at #9 on the U.S. pop singles chart. An album Go Little Honda was put together, most of the songs on which were written by Usher and KFWB disc jockey and lyricist Roger Christian and concerned Honda motorcycles ("Hon-da Beach Party", "Haulin' Honda", "Two Wheel Show Stopper", "A Guy Without Wheels" ...). Its picture sleeve showed a four-member group and its liner notes contained an elaborate back story, penned by Christian, which posited one Ritchie Burns as the founder and leader of the band. The album crept its way to the lower reaches of the U.S. pop albums chart.
The band then released another full-length LP, but never scored another hit single. Later The Beach Boys covered the song they themselves had written and scored a minor hit. The Hondells, such as they were, disbanded in 1965.
Member Chuck Girard had been in The Castells and in the 1970s became a popular and pioneering CCM artist.
Indie rock band Yo La Tengo covered the song "Little Honda" on their album "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One."


Go Little Honda (1964) US: #119
The Hondells (1964)
Greatest Hits (1996)

Little Honda (1964) US: #9
My Buddy Seat (1965) US: #87
Younger Girl (1966) US: #52
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zaterdag, juli 14, 2007

Gary Usher in the 60's, riding along on that wave

here is a song from Gary Usher that is called "this bike of mine ". It is similar to this car of mine from the beach boys. I must say that Gary did a nice job. I really like this one. I am not a fan of Gary but this is on the same level as Jan & Dean and the Beach boys. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this song.


vrijdag, juli 13, 2007

jan & dean boxset release petition

Please Sign the Petition:Go to this link and add your name.
You can choose to keep your e-mail address private:

woensdag, juli 11, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 13

Volume 13 is a special cd at that. This cd showcases the very first live appearance that Jan Berry made in August of 1977 at a private club called "Tiffanys" in LA. And to make it even better, the material was recorded direct from the soundboard giving you superior sound quality. Jan has never sounded better in a concert then this first gig. Besides the known material, Jan performs four versions of his seventies songs that he had been working on along with a John Denver song. Track list: Instrumental, I'm In You, Surf City, Jenny Lee, Skateboard Surfin' USA, Honolulu LuLu, Hide Your Love Away, Little Queenie, Highway Song, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Linda, Sunshine, That's The Way It Is, Dead Man's Curve, Little Queenie.

vrijdag, juli 06, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 12

Volume 12 finishes up a decade of hidden treasures that showed the real talents of Jan Berry in the studio. This cd features most of the A&M work that Jan did, and many feel this is Jan's best post accident work of all time. Track list: Little Queenie Radio Promo, Little Queenie (alternate take), Little Queenie (stereo backing track), Little Queenie (A&M mixdown), That's The Way It Is (early mix), That's The Way It Is (backing track), That's The Way It Is (alternate mix), Skateboard Surfin' USA (rhythm track), Skateboard Surfin' USA (alternate mix), How-How I Love Her (backing track), How-How I Love Her (alternate backing track), How-How I Love Her (track only), How-How I Love Her (alternate mix), How-How I Love Her (A&M mixdown), Hide Your Love Away (track only), Hide Your Love Away (outtake), Sweet Sweet Love (rhythm track), Sweet Sweet Love (alternate rhythm track), Sweet Sweet Love (alternate rhythm track), Diane's On My Mind (rough track mix), Diane's On My Mind (alternate stereo track), I'm Coming After You (track only), Hot Cookie (acoustic demo), Hot Looking Lady (alternate acetate mix).

dinsdag, juni 26, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 11

Volume 11 takes us into the mid seventies featuring the work of both Jan and Dean. While Dean was working on things with UA, Jan was busy at ODE creating some real masterpieces. Track list: Tinsel Town (acoustic demo), Tinsel Town (stereo mix), Tinsel Town (stereo acetate), Tinsel Town (alternate stereo mix), Sunshine Music (mono mix), Little Old Lady From Pasadena (demo), Gonna Hustle You (alternate stereo mixdown), Gonna Hustle You (alternate stereo mixdown), Fun City (stereo mixdown), Fun City (alternate stereo mixdown), Fun City (EQ mix), Summertime, Summertime (stereo mixdown), Totally Wild (binaural mix), Totally Wild (stereo mixdown), Totally Wild (alternate stereo mix), Sidewalk Surfin' (stereo mixdown), She Sing Sang a Song (backing track), She Sing Sang a Song (binaural mix), She Sing Sang a Song (alternate mix).

donderdag, juni 21, 2007

Brian Wilson live Amsterdam june 21th

WOW just like Jacob said. Still high from Brian his performance. His best so far. Very vocally and he didnt use his telepromters to read his text. Some re arangement from his songs. Everybody was pomping. The only downpoint is that the music was to loud sometimes. All in all i give it a 10+. Enjoy when youre going to his concert.
here is a link from a oslo concert. Not so good as Amsterdam but hey you can taste a bit.
It's a so-called streaming video for and a half hours long and it can be seen here:

dinsdag, juni 19, 2007

jan & dean One summer live in concert

Great concert from the boys. As a bonus there are some songs taken from their DVD live in China 1987.

maandag, juni 11, 2007

LINK list

see the links on the right site. I put all the links i think are intresting, up for you.

zaterdag, juni 09, 2007

re-uploading downloads

new download links

jan & dean coll.serie 1

jan & dean coll.serie 2

jan & dean coll.serie 3

jan & dean coll.serie 4

jan & dean coll.serie 5

jan & dean coll.serie 6

jan & dean coll.serie 8

jan & dean coll.serie 9

jan & dean coll.serie 10

the little old lady from Catahoela

found this parodie of the little old lady from pasadena on the web a while ago.


jan & dean Carnival of Sound

A fantastic album just made after Jan his car accident. Recorded manly by Dean and friends of Jan & Dean. This is in my opinion what Smile is for the Beach Boys fans. Enjoy it.

-fan tan
-carnival of sound
-laurel and hardy
-i know my mind
-blowing my mind
-in the still of the night
-louisiana man
-only a boy
-love and hate


woensdag, juni 06, 2007

new beachboys blog

go to Avery nice blog with nice stuff. Go there and leave a message. The more the better right ?

vrijdag, juni 01, 2007

jan & dean background tracks ( re-upload by request)

here is a great collection of tracks.

1 piece topless bathing suite (backing track)
batman (backing vocals and track)
aaacscbrata (backing vocals and track)
surf route 101 ( backing vocals and track)
Horace (backing vocals and track)
She sang a song ( backing vocals and track ) AWSOME !!!!!!
Honolulu lulu ( backing vocals and track)
Little old lady from pasadena ( backing vocals and trompets)
every one's going to the moon ( backing track ) VERY NICE !!
Surf City ( backing vocals and track)
Free way flyer ( backing vocals and track)
Surfing Wild ( backing vocals and track)
I gotta drive ( backing vocals and track)
How how i love her ( backing vocals and track) AWSOME !!!!
Restless surfer ( backing track)
Thats the way it is ( backing voals and track)
Sidewalk surfing ( backing vocals and track)
Thats my favorite dream ( backing track)
Little queenie ( backing vocals and track) MUST HAVE !!
Be true to your bud ( backing vocals and track)


jan & dean collector serie vol. 10

Volume 10 showcases the early work of Jan Berry in the first part of the seventies where for the first time, Jan was actually singing on the songs. A few very rare pieces exist on this cd. Track list:
It's a Beautiful Song (acetate),
Natural High (stereo demo session acetate) ,
Natural High (piano demo #1),
Natural High (piano demo #2),
Magic of Making Love (outtake) ,
Mother Earth (alternate stereo mix),
Don't You Just Know It (take 7, track only),
Don't You Just Know It (take 7, Brian only),
Don't You Just Know It (mono mix),
Don't You Just Know It (take 7, stereo mix),
Don't You Just Know It (double-tracked),
Don't You Just Know It (double-tracked alternate),
The Battle Of Strawberry Fields (outtake),
Blow Up Music (mono mix),
Blow Up Music (studio dub down),
Blow Up Music (mono track mix),
Way Too Much (alternate mix).

donderdag, april 26, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 9

here is the link

Volume 9 continues with the Warner material featuring over a dozen different acetates of "Blowin My Mind" along with another "Carnival Of Sound" acetate different then before. Track list: Blowing My Mind (mix 1-track only), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 2), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 3), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 4), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 5), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 6), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 7), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 8) , Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 9), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 10), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 11), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 12), Blowing My Mind (acetate mix 13), CARNIVAL OF SOUND acetate tracks: Hawaii, Carnival of Sound, Louisiana Man, Love and Hate, Mulholland, Laurel & Hardy, Fan Tan, Blowing My Mind, In the, Still of the Night, Only a Boy, Stay, I Know My Mind.

donderdag, april 19, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 8

here is vol 8.
Volume 8 takes a whole new look at the Warner sessions. Among the tracks are some never before heard rarities as well as a listen to Davy Jones. Track list: Hawaii (track only) , Hawaii (alternate mix) , Tijuana , Tijuana (alternate mix) , Fan Tan (acetate mix) , Love & Hate (track only)., Love & Hate (acetate mix), Vegetables (Laughing Gravy) , Gravy On My Whiskers (Laughing Gravy), I Know My Mind (track only), I Know My Mind (acetate mix), I Know My Mind (binaural mix), Laurel & Hardy (binaural mix), Laurel & Hardy (alternate binaural mix), Mulholland (track only), Louisiana Man (track only), Stay (track only), Stay (acetate mix), In the Still of the Night (track only), Love Hollow (track only), Carnival of Sound (backing track), Yakaty Yak (track only), Yakaty Yak (alternate track mix), Davy Jones speaks (interview for

donderdag, maart 15, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 6

Track list: I Found a Girl (take 8, track only), I Found a Girl (intercut), I Found a Girl (stereo track with overdubs), I Found a Girl (backing track), It's a Shame to Say Goodbye (track only), It's a Shame to Say Goodbye (Demo), Where Were You When I Needed You (alt.), Norwegian Wood (12/19/65 mix), Norwegian Wood (3/9/66 mix), Norwegian Wood (3/14/66 mix), Norwegian Wood (3/21/66 mix), Teenager in Bat (sessions), Batman Cues (dub down session), The Joker Strikes Again (Batman dialogue), The Ridler Back in Action (Batman dialogue), The Penguin Part I (Batman Dialogue), The Penguin Part II (Batman Dialogue), Batman Cue 1 (take 1).

vrijdag, maart 02, 2007

the malibus

found this on soundclic. They sounds very good.

nice remake of Bruce & Terry Looks who's talking now and some other good songs.

sample look who's talking now

maandag, februari 19, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 5

here is vol 5 5 continues with the Liberty Years from 1964-65, Track list: Surf City (Command Performance track), Rock and Roll Music (Command Performance track), I Should Have Known Better (Command Performance track), Louie, Louie (Command Performance track), Dick Biondi's Radio Show Promos, Music City (live), Freeway Flyer (mono single), You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy (backing track), Things Go Better with Coke (Coke Jingle, 10 sec), Things Go Better with Coke (Coke Jingle, 30 sec), Things Go Better with Coke (Coke Jingle, 60 sec), Things Go Better with Coke (Coke Jingle, 90 sec), Everybody's Go Go Wild (Alt. Coke Jingle, 60 sec), Everybody's Go Go Wild (Alt. Coke Jingle, 90 sec) , Things Go Better with Coke (Coke Jingle, from cd), Do You Believe in Magic (track only), Everyone's Gone to the Moon (track only), Let Me Be (track only), The Closer You Are (track only), Travlin' Man (track only)

maandag, januari 08, 2007

fantastic baggy's

great album from the backing vocalist that jan & dean used. Nice mix. nice bonus trax. They dont sing like this anymore ;D

zondag, januari 07, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 4


Volume 4 continues with the Liberty Years in perhaps the biggest year for J&D, 1964, Track list: Ride the Wild Surf (stereo backing track), Ride the Wild Surf (mono acetate), Catch a Wave (early track acetate), Sidewalk Spinout (skateboard effects), Sidewalk Surfin' (stereo backing track), Sidewalk Surfin' (alternate stereo version), Tell 'Em I'm Surfin' (stereo take 1A), Tell 'Em I'm, Surfin' (stereo take 2A), Tell 'Em I'm Surfin' (stereo take 3A), Waimea Bay (track only), The Restless, Surfer (track only), Surfin' Wild (backing track), Down at Malibu Beach (lead vocal), A Surfer's Dream (track only), The Submarine Races (track only), Skateboarding - Part 2 - (takes 1A and 2A), Brother Surfer - (Take 1), Brother Surfer - (Take 8), Little Old Lady (take 10), Little Old Lady (take 11), Little Old Lady (intercut 1, take 4), Little Old Lady(Backing track), Little Old Lady (backing track), Little Old Lady (take 7d or take 16c ?), Memphis (takes 1a - 5a), When It's Over (track only), Horace, the Swingin' School Bus Driver (backing track), Summer Means Fun (track only), Summer Means Fun (backing track)