donderdag, augustus 30, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 16. A time to remember

Volume 16 looks at the final decade that this series will look at as far as studio work goes. This cd features some great productions by Jan & Dean where Dean was involved as well in some of Jan's work. Track List: Be True To Your School (45 version), Be True To Your Bud (A-side), Be True To Your Bud (B-side), Ocean Park Angel (Goldstar acetate), Ocean Park Angel (45 version), Ocean Park Angel (bootleg 7" version), Ocean Park Angel (unreleased 45 version), B-Side of Ocean Park Angel 45, Blue Moon, The Best Love Ever (studio mixdown), It's Gotta Be True (studio mixdown), Hawaiian Mirage (studio mixdown), Just One Of Those Days (studio mixdown), Rock City (studio mixdown), On The Beach (45 version), Summer (45 version), Oh What A Beautiful Day (45 version), Nich Ee Nich Ee Nee (B-side).

dinsdag, augustus 14, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 15

Volume 15 takes us into the 80's where Dean teams up with Mike Love from The Beach Boys on several projects. This cd features two projects from this era, one is the famous Mike and Dean "Rock-n-Roll Again" Radio Shack LP, and the second is the unreleased "Dead Man's Curve LP". Track list: New Girl In School, Jenny Lee, Surfin' Safari, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Surf City, Shut Down, Summer Rain, Dead Man's Curve, Baby Talk, Little Deuce Coupe, Drag City, Fun Fun Fun, Sidewalk Surfin', Be True To Your School, Lightning Strikes, Walk Away Renee, The Letter, The Locomotion, Sealed With A Kiss, Sugar Shack, 96 Tears, Baby Talk, Wild Thing, Da Doo Ron Ron, Her Boyfriend's Back.

maandag, augustus 13, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 14

The movie "Deadmans Curve" had just aired on CBS, and Jan & Dean were receiving offers from all over for appearances. New York City would be the witness of the first ever appearance of Jan & Dean in 12 years on stage. Murray The K's reunion show had several acts, but none topped J&D that night. The cd brings you both shows of J&D's act, with The Aloha Band and a orchestra. The second part of this cd features (3) stage appearances with The Beach Boys in 1978. Track list: Murray/J&D preview interview, Murray The K 1st show: Surf City, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Dead Man's Curve, Barbara Ann, Murray The K 2nd show: Surf City, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Dead Man's Curve, I get Around, Barbara Ann, Postshow interview, Beach Boys/J&D concert from Michigan, Beach Boys/J&D concert from Pittsburgh, Beach Boys/J&D concert from Florida.