dinsdag, juli 17, 2007

the Hondells 36 tracks

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The Hondells were an American surf rock band formed in 1964, that was actually the product of record producer Gary Usher.
Their first and only hit, "Little Honda", was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love of The Beach Boys and given to Usher early in 1964. Usher called in a group of studio musicians – including Glen Campbell and Hal Blaine – and hastily recorded the song that summer. It leaked to local radio and spread like wildfire across U.S. pop radio.
As the song climbed the charts, Usher assembled a band which toured with The Beach Boys in support of "Little Honda", which eventually peaked at #9 on the U.S. pop singles chart. An album Go Little Honda was put together, most of the songs on which were written by Usher and KFWB disc jockey and lyricist Roger Christian and concerned Honda motorcycles ("Hon-da Beach Party", "Haulin' Honda", "Two Wheel Show Stopper", "A Guy Without Wheels" ...). Its picture sleeve showed a four-member group and its liner notes contained an elaborate back story, penned by Christian, which posited one Ritchie Burns as the founder and leader of the band. The album crept its way to the lower reaches of the U.S. pop albums chart.
The band then released another full-length LP, but never scored another hit single. Later The Beach Boys covered the song they themselves had written and scored a minor hit. The Hondells, such as they were, disbanded in 1965.
Member Chuck Girard had been in The Castells and in the 1970s became a popular and pioneering CCM artist.
Indie rock band Yo La Tengo covered the song "Little Honda" on their album "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One."


Go Little Honda (1964) US: #119
The Hondells (1964)
Greatest Hits (1996)

Little Honda (1964) US: #9
My Buddy Seat (1965) US: #87
Younger Girl (1966) US: #52
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zaterdag, juli 14, 2007

Gary Usher in the 60's, riding along on that wave

here is a song from Gary Usher that is called "this bike of mine ". It is similar to this car of mine from the beach boys. I must say that Gary did a nice job. I really like this one. I am not a fan of Gary but this is on the same level as Jan & Dean and the Beach boys. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this song.

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jan & dean boxset release petition

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woensdag, juli 11, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 13

Volume 13 is a special cd at that. This cd showcases the very first live appearance that Jan Berry made in August of 1977 at a private club called "Tiffanys" in LA. And to make it even better, the material was recorded direct from the soundboard giving you superior sound quality. Jan has never sounded better in a concert then this first gig. Besides the known material, Jan performs four versions of his seventies songs that he had been working on along with a John Denver song. Track list: Instrumental, I'm In You, Surf City, Jenny Lee, Skateboard Surfin' USA, Honolulu LuLu, Hide Your Love Away, Little Queenie, Highway Song, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Linda, Sunshine, That's The Way It Is, Dead Man's Curve, Little Queenie.

vrijdag, juli 06, 2007

jan & dean collector serie vol. 12

Volume 12 finishes up a decade of hidden treasures that showed the real talents of Jan Berry in the studio. This cd features most of the A&M work that Jan did, and many feel this is Jan's best post accident work of all time. Track list: Little Queenie Radio Promo, Little Queenie (alternate take), Little Queenie (stereo backing track), Little Queenie (A&M mixdown), That's The Way It Is (early mix), That's The Way It Is (backing track), That's The Way It Is (alternate mix), Skateboard Surfin' USA (rhythm track), Skateboard Surfin' USA (alternate mix), How-How I Love Her (backing track), How-How I Love Her (alternate backing track), How-How I Love Her (track only), How-How I Love Her (alternate mix), How-How I Love Her (A&M mixdown), Hide Your Love Away (track only), Hide Your Love Away (outtake), Sweet Sweet Love (rhythm track), Sweet Sweet Love (alternate rhythm track), Sweet Sweet Love (alternate rhythm track), Diane's On My Mind (rough track mix), Diane's On My Mind (alternate stereo track), I'm Coming After You (track only), Hot Cookie (acoustic demo), Hot Looking Lady (alternate acetate mix).