zondag, december 24, 2006

jan & dean collector serie vol. 3

here is the download link http://uploaded.to/?id=d39412
Volume 3 continues with the Liberty Years from 1963-64, Track list: Dead Man's Curve (alternate stereo track only), Dead Man's Curve (stereo backing track), Dead Man's Curve (sound effects), Dead Man's Curve (stereo single backing track), Gonna Hustle You (track only mix #1), Gonna Hustle You (track only mix #2), Gonna Hustle You (early mix), Get a Chance With You (stereo backing track), Get a Chance With You (alternate version), New Girl In School (early mix), Rockin' Little Roadster (track only), My Mighty GTO (take 13), My Mighty GTO (take 16) , My Mighty GTO (mono single version), It's as Easy as 1,2,3 (track only), It's as Easy as 1,2,3 (Jan's EQ Mix), Hey Little Freshman (take 3), Hey Little Freshman (intercut take

maandag, december 18, 2006

jan & dean collector serie vol. 2

Volume 2 showcases the Liberty Years from 1962-63, Track list: Palisades Park (Mono Version), Poor Little Puppet (Mono Version), My Favorite Dream (Track Only), When the Saints Go Marching In (Live), Christmas Greetings (Jingle Bells), Christmas Greetings (The First Noel), Linda (Alt. Version #1), Linda (Alt. Version #2), Turkey Trot (Backing Track), Rhythm of the Rain (Mono Version), My Foolish Heart (Track Only), Linda LP Outtake (Track Only), Surf City (Backing Track), Surf City (Double-Tracked Lead Vocal), Surf City (with Overdubbed Horns), She's My Summer Girl (Single Version), Honolulu Lulu (Backing Track), Honolulu Lulu (Extended Fade), I Left My Heart in San Francisco (Backing Track), You Came a Long Way From St. Louis (Backing Track), I Gotta Drive (The Matadors), Perfidia (The Matadors), Perfidia (The Matadors), Surfin Hearse (Track 8A Only), Surf Route 101 (Backing Track), Surf Route 101 (Early Mix), Little Deuce Coupe (Extended Fade), Hot Stocker (Extended Fade), Auto Sound Effects.

vrijdag, december 08, 2006

jan & dean collector serie vol. 1

on request. here is vol.1 The rest will follow in a while.
The entire Jan & Dean Collector Series only showcases "alternate" and "rare mixes" in a chronological order from A to Z. This first volume takes us to Jan's garage with some very rare mixes known as the "Arwin rehearsal tape". Track list: There in the Night (Ver 1), There in the Night (Ver 2), Jennie Lee - The Barons, Jennie Lee - Jan & Arnie, Gotta Getta Date, I Love Linda, Jeanette, Get Your Hair Done (ver 1), Jeanette, Get Your Hair Done (ver 2), Jeanette, Get Your Hair Done (ver 3), Jeanette, Get your Hair Done (ver 4), Right from the Start (ver 1), Right from the Start (ver 2), Right from the Start (ver 3), The Beat that Can't be Beat (ver 1), The Beat that Can't be Beat (ver 2), The Beat that Can't be Beat (ver 3), The Beat that Can't be Beat (ver 4), I Love Linda (ver 1), I Love Linda (ver. 2), I Love Linda (ver 3), I Love Linda (ver 4), I Love Linda (ver 5), K-JAN, The Jester's Party, Baby Talk (alt mix), White Tennis Sneakers (alt mix), Midsummer Night's Dream, Midsummer Night's Dream (instr), Heart and Soul (stereo alt mix).

zondag, november 12, 2006

dinsdag, november 07, 2006

Merry Christmas from Mike Love & Dean Torrence

It is from 1983 and DJ Brian Beirne is your host. Enjoy this treasure. Many different artist.


donderdag, oktober 26, 2006

here is some great Jan & Dean stuff


here is the favorite of Jan Berry. performed by jan & the alohas. Nice cover http://download.yousendit.com/0391A5AF0536C437here is Dean his version. I know whitch one i like morehttp://download.yousendit.com/DF69EEBD5A22B6EA


From Jan Berry 70's solo stuff. Only music and backing vocals. I really like this one.http://download.yousendit.com/9120711A008254E9here is the complete onehttp://download.yousendit.com/D75A7CB8495BE442


from the great Jan & Dean album. This the the music and backing vocals only version. Enjoy http://download.yousendit.com/F53BB0437000E236

dinsdag, september 12, 2006

zondag, september 10, 2006

zaterdag, september 09, 2006

john hunter phillips new cd

here is a teaser from his new cd. check out his site and buy the cd. On the site there are more music samples. http://www.johnhunterphillips.net/

Cant wait for summertimehttp://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=EC80D0384725151B